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Tattoo Addiction – “Addiction” essentially means performing the same action or activity over and over out of control. Some people describe the process of getting more and more tattoos as a kind of addiction while the others call it simply a passion. The debate about this issue leads to the very basic question of addiction, can addiction be psychological or may it include a physiological element of chemical dependence? Because when it comes to tattoos, there are several psychological, physiological and even social factors which could contribute to an addiction. So, the main point is… Can people really get addicted to tattoos?

What are the reasons for tattoo addiction?

How many tattoos are too many?

How many tattoos are too many?

Endorphin and adrenaline rush

It’s obvious that anything crazy-exciting gives us a sudden rush of adrenaline. As part of the fight-or-flight response, adrenaline is released from our nervous system in response to pain. Some “adrenaline junkies” might get tattoos for the rush of adrenaline that they feel, which lasts as long as the run of the needles. And “adrenaline junkie” is a person who can’t stop hoping for the stimulating of the release of adrenaline which leads them into high-risk situations. Thus, people have recognized the existence of adrenaline addiction as one of the most likely culprits in causing tattoo addiction.

Unlike their cousin adrenaline, endorphin is produced in the renal glands, endorphins flood the body directly from the brain. These natural pain relievers originate in the brain and are released to combat the pain you feel from the tattoo gun’s needles. The effects of endorphins are very powerful, they are also associated with other activities that create a natural high like exercise and orgasms. This chemical reaction can lead to an addiction to being tattooed in order to receive another dose of endorphins. That’s why some people get more tattoos so as to feel this rush again.

Pain Substitution/Self Mutilation

Some people might also find the pain of getting a tattoo to have an intoxicating feeling. For instance, the medical and rehab community is more widely acknowledging self-mutilation and self-injury as a form of addiction. These people will find a sense of control when causing themselves pain and find it therapeutic to use this physical pain in an attempt to relieve emotional or mental stress.Therefore, it is possible that the pain of having a tattoo can become an addiction for people.

Self Expression

The majority of people with tattoos will tell you that tattoos are a form of self-expression. Each tattoo has a meaning, which is significant to the person who has it or even simple meaning like “This tattoo is very cool”. It’s not uncommon for some people to feel hindered, and inhibited by forms of communication like speaking, writing or other creative pursuits. Therefore, they use body art as the way of expressing who they truly are. Expressing themselves through a visual medium like this makes them feel very comfortable, and as a result, they resort to it every time they have something new to tell the world.

Artistic freedom

Tattooing is now recognized as an art form with the tattoos recipient as the artists, even if a professional drew the actual tattoo. With an ever expanding sector of tattoos culture comprised of the artists who consider the human body to be their medium. Tattoo recipients may also feel that their tattoos are an expression of their own artistic visions, even if the work is executed by a professional. If sculptors, painters, and other artists have been known to show signs of addiction to their art forms, it isn’t surprising that tattoo artists may also do the same.

Attention / Social Interaction

People with tattoos often take offense to the view of tattoos being a form of attention. But sometimes, the defenders of body art admit that someone’s tats may be a cry for attention in some cases. Someone who craves attention, positive or negative, may feel addicted to tattoos because of the attention they can bring. At some point, a person’s visible tattoo can be a conversation starter with a stranger. For example, if someone has a problem with breaking down interpersonal barriers, getting tattooed may be an effective method of facilitating social interaction. In these cases, the need for connection could drive the need for getting tattooed.

Do people regret getting too many tattoos?

Body tattoo shirt - The way of expressing who they truly are

Body tattoo shirt – The way of expressing who they truly are

Addictions can cause people to behave in ways they later regret, but sometimes, it is too late to undo the damage. Tattoos can also be a source of regret, although the damage is typically done to one’s own body. The most apparent thing why people regret having tattoos is that not everyone approves of tattoos. Some parts of this society make judgments about tattoos, assume that people with tattoos are bad even when not interacting with them. For example, the bank manager who gets to decide if you get a mortgage or not? Or your parent’s lover will let you marry their children when you have tattoos on over your body? If you meet anyone who hates tattoos, and yours are very big, you might have some problems.

Moreover, health is also a factor leading to the regret of tattooed. There is a host of reports of ink complications, infections, toxin effects, scarring, burns, chronic irritations and much more. Your skin will naturally swell up after the piercing of the needles which means the little holes in your skin are exposed to the air around you. So, there is a very high risk of infection if you don’t take care of your skin after getting a tattoo.

You have no idea what the ink used for your tattoo contains, much less how your body will react to it. If you have sensitive skin or something in the ink causes your body to react negatively, you may find that your skin breaks out in a rash around the site of the tattoo. It can happen even years after the tattoo done.
Remember to think carefully before getting a tattoo on your body. Ask yourself: Do you really want it for the rest of your life which seems like a temporary feeling?

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What are the reasons for tattoo addiction? – Tattoo Explorer
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