Minimalist fashion trend – When Less is More

Minimalist fashion trend – When Less is More
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Everyday people have to struggle with so many things as hundreds of tasks in the office and personal life. It results in stress and pressure for us in our mind and sometimes makes us feel exhausted. To get rid of it, modern people nowadays choose a lifestyle that slows down their busy life and frees them from this rushed world, it called “Minimalism” and people who love “Minimalism” are “Minimalists”. There are many aspects that we can apply minimalism on, home decoration, thought and especially fashion. Wait a minute, is the phrase “Minimalism in fashion” familiar or strange to you? Do not worry, we are here to bring to you a clear and understandable definition of “Minimalism in fashion” that makes you surprised!

What does “Minimalist fashion” mean?

Minimalist fashion - Clothes are as simple and functional as possible

Minimalist fashion – Clothes are as simple and functional as possible

There is no exact meaning of “Minimalist fashion”. Because it depends on an individual aesthetic of fashion that you feel an outfit beautiful or not. Let’s be honest, minimalist fashion basically means that most of your clothes are as simple and functional as possible and you need to downsize your wardrobe. It does not mean you have to throw out absolutely everything. Your wardrobe should be full of pieces that you can mix and match and create your own fashion style.

The aim of minimalist fashion is not to attract the attention of people around you, but to define yourself as simple as possible. Minimalism is not external but internal. Once you don’t have to hesitate to choose what to wear today, you will find more peaceful and comfortable than ever. People say that less is more. Simplifying your mind, your thought, your clothes is the best way for you to purify your soul, you will have more time for your families, friends, and lovers. The basic palette of minimalist fashion should be white, gray, navy, black and other neutral colors. So, are you wondering how to wear minimalist fashion but still be cool as luxurious outfits? Let’s check out these simple rules.

T-shirt and jean, king of minimalism

We are sure that all of you have a T-shirt in your wardrobe whether it is a plain, a striped or a designed one. T-shirt is an iconic masterpiece because it can match with most type of pants especially jeans. An outfit with T-shirt and jean is a good idea for you to go to school, work in the office or hang out with friends. This classic combination will not only make you feel comfortable but also look elegant and fashionable. Consequently, for those who chase minimalism, this outfit is the best choice ever. And if you want to make a minimalist outfit with T-shirt, visit t-shirt online store to find your style now!

Hoodie – the ultimate combination between style and minimalism

Hoodie - the ultimate combination between style and minimalism

Hoodie – the ultimate combination between style and minimalism

A hoodie is one of the most versatile outerwear in cold season. It is simple and comfortable but still stylish and trendy all the time and in everywhere. There are many types of hoodie like pullover hoodie, zip up hoodie and half zip hoodie so that you can choose depending on what kind of occasion you want to go. And to wear minimalist fashion with a hoodie, a classic grey, black or white one then combine it with a jacket, people will be definitely attracted to your outfit.

Moreover, a plain hoodie such as the white one is an adventurous color for you. Although white hoodie is a nice base color, it is still cool when mixing with a denim jacket or a bomber. This combination will make you more stylish than ever. But plain hoodie is not the only choice, another option for you is a hoodie with some simple quotes on it. This hoodie can define yourself in an effective way because it expresses your personality and lifestyle. Have you owned a hoodie yet? Take a look on our hoodie online store to choose your favorite one!

Are you ready for a new lifestyle?

To sum up, minimalism is freedom from the desire to possess. It values happiness and peace in your soul. Minimalism will save your time so that you can pursue your passion and experience real freedom. Now maybe you are wondering how can you get started with minimalism in fashion. Here are some key steps for you to try:

Choose basic clothes that fit your style and feel true to your aesthetic

Starting your minimalist wardrobe with 5 recommended pieces like T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, outerwears and pants with basic colors such as black, white, navy and grey. In minimalism, quantity is important but the quality is more important. You can have a small number of clothes but they must be made from high-quality fabrics so that they can be long-lasting.

Carefully select clothes you can wear for more than one season

Let’s follow the rule “one in, one out”. It means that when you buy a new shirt then you have to say goodbye with one shirt in your wardrobe. It sounds so hard to do but for minimalist, you must downsize your clothes as much as possible.

Apply “Minimalism” in all aspects of your life

Once you want to have a minimalist lifestyle, you should get started with your home first because it is said that “Your home is a living space, not a storage space”. It means that you need to utilize your home space as much as possible. Starting to rearrange and throwing away things you don’t need anymore to make your home more spacious. Then start with your wardrobe, there are 60% clothes that you do not even wear for the second times, so giving it to charity organization is the best solution.

Last but not least, try to think minimally just because minimalism search for happiness not through things but through life itself. People out there the world are chasing for their ambition and glamour then they forget what real happiness is. It’s up to you to determine what is necessary and what is superfluous in your life so that you can have your perfect lifestyle!

Minimalist fashion trend – When Less is More
5 (100%) 2 votes

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