Holiday travel tips – Best tips for traveling in holiday season

The holiday season is coming with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Streets are being decorated with mistletoes and Christmas trees and the atmosphere is really animated. So what is your plan for the upcoming holiday season? Be at home and taste delicious food as usual? Why don’t you try another interesting experience with our holiday travel safety tips? What greater way to share the joy in a holiday with family and friends than a trip? Although traveling over holidays can be expensive and overcrowded, there are still many ways for you to prepare for a perfect end-of-the-year adventure. So we are here to give you some holiday travel tips for your memorable holiday trip ever.

Book everything in advance – Most important in holiday travel tips

Doing your destination research carefully is very important. You should shop around for flights ticket, hotels, rental car, cost of tourism services like food or fee of city parks. Once you have chosen your destination, then you have to find the best deal for your flight because the closer it gets to the holidays, the higher flight prices increase. One useful tip for you is that you should book flight and hotel together. Search ‘’flight + hotel booking’’ on some traveling websites can save you a considerable amount of money and time. Moreover, it is a good advice that you should book an early flight for your trip, because it will be less likely to deal with delays and complicated situations.

Pack your luggage wisely

Before the trip, you should have a thorough research on TSA rule for travelers. You may bring liquids and gels in 3.4-ounce or smaller containers, packed within a single, quart-size, zip-top, clear plastic bag. The rule about liquids and gels is strict anyway so that you have to check carefully when packing luggage. You can save much time at the airport by packing everything in one carry-on bag. Manage with a small, well-organized carry-on so that you can skip the baggage check-in (and, in most cases, fees).

Pack a snack

If your trip is too long with layovers or delays, pack some snacks with you. This will be cheaper than buying food at the airport.

Bring other non-electronic entertainers

Needless to say, bringing a book or another non-electric entertainment to kill time is a great idea. Because you have a lot of time besides time on the plane, waiting time for checking at the airport is boring at all.

Don’t wrap gifts

One noticeable tip for you is that if you bring gifts, it will be wise when you don’t wrap it. Because it is likely that security guards will unwrap it to inspect them, and it will take you a lot of time to repack it. Therefore, to skip troubles, shipping the gift before your trip is a smart idea.

Tips before the trip

Holiday safety travel tips

Holiday safety travel tips

Stay healthy

Before your trip two or three nights, you should go to bed early to make sure you have a strong health for your flight. Lacking sleep can make you more susceptible to getting sick from crowds of travelers at the airport or on planes. So bring a hand sanitizer and some medicines in the event of jet lag of flu because medicines in the foreign country may be expensive.

Leave early for the airport

Instead of striving to ‘’arrive at the airport early,” you should try to “leave for the airport early”. During the holiday season, you can face horrible traffic jam or full parking lots that making you late checking in at the airport. Even if you have to wait at the airport for a long time, at least you have more time to check your bag again or explore the shops and restaurants in the airport.

Check in online – Recommended in holiday travel tips

Nowadays, many airlines have checking-in online service which is convenient for you to check in before your flight 24 hours on their website. This will help you to skip the long check-in lines at the airport.

Where to go on holiday season?

Maybe you don’t want to hustle in the middle of the crowd in big cities in holidays, don’t worry, we are here giving you wonderful advice as well as holiday travel tips for your best holiday ever.


It is said that nowhere is prettier in the winter than Prague. Being a capital of Czech Republic, Prague with ancient streets and real castles is just like a fairy tale that will make you totally impressed. Prague is also a highly recommended city to visit in the holiday season of many travelers in the world. It’s true to say, Prague is one of the cities where beer is cheaper than water over the world.

Zermatt, Swiss Alps

In the shadow of the world’s most perfect mountain, Zermatt remains the prettiest spot in the Alps. Zermatt is famous for its snowy-mountain scenes, horse-drawn sleighs, twinkling trees and a pretty village aglow in a lovely little valley beneath the Matterhorn. There are luxurious resorts with five-star restaurants and hotels will give you the best experience with your family here.

Travel tips for christmas holidays to Zermatt, Swiss Alps

Travel tips for Christmas holidays to Zermatt, Swiss Alps

St Barth’s, Caribbean

Finding beautiful sunshine in the winter, let’s go to the most beautiful beach in the world. It is St Barth’s, a sunny paradise with perfect beaches, restaurants, hotels, and villas. This will be a perfect place for you to escape from the crowd in big cities.

Holiday travel tips to St Barth, Caribbean

Holiday travel tips to St Barth, Caribbean

Be fashionable in holiday season

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Holiday travel tips – Best tips for traveling in holiday season
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Holiday travel tips – Best tips for traveling in holiday season
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