body tattoo shirt - People with tattoos often receive bad judgments

What are the reasons for tattoo addiction? – Tattoo Explorer

Tattoo Addiction – “Addiction” essentially means performing the same action or activity over and over out of control. Some people describe the process of getting more and more tattoos as a kind of addiction while the others call it simply a passion. The debate about this issue leads to the very basic question of addiction, can addiction be psychological or may it include a physiological element of chemical dependence? Because when it comes to tattoos, there are several psychological, physiological and even social factors which could contribute to an addiction. So, the main point is… Can people really get addicted to tattoos?

Backpacking travel tips - Adventures of Dreamers

Backpacking travel tips – Adventure of Dreamers

Adventures are never enough, especially with people who have wanderlust in their heart – a strong desire to travel everywhere. In recent years, backpacking tourism is out of beyond of a trend but becomes a specific culture in the young community all around the world. So why backpacking is deeply attractive to people? We will give you some backpacking travel tips to help you have a wonderful trip ever.

Hoodie -  the ultimate combination between style and minimalism

Minimalist fashion trend – When Less is More

Everyday people have to struggle with so many things as hundreds of tasks in the office and personal life. It results in stress and pressure for us in our mind and sometimes makes us feel exhausted. To get rid of it, modern people nowadays choose a lifestyle that slows down their busy life and frees them from this rushed world, it called “Minimalism” and people who love “Minimalism” are “Minimalists”. There are many aspects that we can apply minimalism on, home decoration, thought and especially fashion. Wait a minute, is the phrase “Minimalism in fashion” familiar or strange to you? Do not worry, we are here to bring to you a clear and understandable definition of “Minimalism in fashion” that makes you surprised!

holiday travel tips to Zermatt Swiss Alps

Holiday travel tips – Best tips for traveling in holiday season

The holiday season is coming with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Streets are being decorated with mistletoes and Christmas trees and the atmosphere is really animated. So what is your plan for the upcoming holiday season? Be at home and taste delicious food as usual? Why don’t you try another interesting experience with our holiday travel safety tips? What greater way to share the joy in a holiday with family and friends than a trip? Although traveling over holidays can be expensive and overcrowded, there are still many ways for you to prepare for a perfect end-of-the-year adventure. So we are here to give you some holiday travel tips for your memorable holiday trip ever.


10 countries where beer is cheaper than water

Hi guys, this post is definitely going to win your day for those who are looking for a country where beer is cheaper than water and who live by the phrase, “If we’re all to die, let’s keep a beer close by”. It is obvious that from watching your favorite sport/movie on TV to hanging out with your pals or working your way through a busy week, beer always saves the day! So, let’s have a look on some interesting facts about beer!

why beer is good for you

Drinking beer – Is it good or bad for your health?

Benjamin Franklin said it best: “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Indeed, I think most of men love their alcohol. We’ve been getting a lot of mixed messages about beer. The truth is that the health effects of beer are actually quite complex. So, how does alcohol affect your health? Is drinking beer good or bad for your health? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of drinking beer!

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