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Adventures are never enough, especially with people who have wanderlust in their heart – a strong desire to travel everywhere. In recent years, backpacking tourism is out of beyond of a trend but becomes a specific culture in the young community all around the world. So why backpacking is deeply attractive to people? We will give you some backpacking travel tips to help you have a wonderful trip ever.

Backpacking travel guide – “old but gold”

People know the seventeenth-century Italian adventurer Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Careri as the first backpacker in the world. Through decades, the definition of backpacking travel has been developed and changed to suitable for people in different places. Overall, backpacking is a low-budget and independent travel. It includes the use of a backpack that is easily carried for long distances or long periods of time; cheap accommodation like a hostel or local people’ houses. There are many types of backpacking travel, including wilderness adventures like Everest climbing or famous Grand Canyon exploration; local travel and travel to nearby countries which you like.

Backpacking travel is more than a holiday, but a means of education. Because once we visit a new country, we will have a chance to communicate with new people, meet and learn its traditional cultures that we have never known before. Backpackers usually travel for a longer period of time than other tourists, and they can go to many countries during their trip. They can go for several days, weeks or even months and the time is flexible. Therefore, backpackers have to make a thorough preparation for their trips to make sure that they have a perfect backpacking travel. And we think that these following tips will help you have a more general view on backpacking travel.

Some backpacking travel tips to help you have a wonderful trip.

Some backpacking travel tips to help you have a wonderful trip.

Minimize the gears you carry in your backpack

Backpacking travel tips - 10 essentials gears you must bring for your travel.

Backpacking travel tips – 10 essentials gears you must bring for your travel.

It will depend on how long and how far you travel that you need to choose a suitable backpack for you. Because throughout your travel, you may climb or hike with your big backpack and it will exhaust you a lot. For backpacker beginners, you may be stuck with what you need to do with your 7 kilograms pack. But do not worry, firstly you have to remember those 10 essentials gears you must bring for your travel. They are Map, Compass, Sunglasses and sunscreen, Extra clothing, Headlamp/flashlight, First-aid supplies, Firestarter, Matches, Knife and Extra food.

During your travel, you will find that there are many gears you do not use much so you need to choose wisely what you need to bring along. Beyond those gears, you can bring sleeping pad or tent, stove and fuel for cooking and so on. Overall, besides minimizing your gears, you need to make sure that you bring enough stuff for your travel.

Choose proper backpacking clothes

Even you are on a two-day trip or several weeks trip, your outfit is very important. Because the weather is unpredictable, you may encounter with tough environmental conditions and be in trouble. Therefore, you need to have knowledge about how to choose your outfit properly. There are some aspects you can focus on, they are functionality, weight, and comfort of your clothes. Your outfit should include fabrics that are moisture-wicking, quick-drying and sun-protective. Moreover, your clothes must protect you from insects, mosquitoes, and other pets which can bite you and lead to allergy. Professional backpackers advice you should wear 3 layers for the best protection.

  • Base layers: your base layers are fundamental because they will control your moisture and keep a layer of warm air around your body. You should choose fabrics such as polyester or wool to keep your skin dry, warm and comfortable. And the most multipurpose outfit for you is T-shirt. It does not matter if you go to warm or cool places, a T-shirt is the best choice. It is useful, lightweight and fashionable for your backpacking travel. Have not had your adventurous style T-shirt yet? Let’s have a look at our funny travel t-shirt collection at!
  • Mid layers: the standard suggestions for your mid layers are a simple lightweight zip-neck fleece top and a puffy jacket, but adjust as needed for your specific trip. Another choice is soft shell jacket because it is waterproof and it can block wind in some harsh weather condition.
  • Outside layers: they are the most important part of your outfit. Choose a rain jacket and pants that are waterproof and breathable. Some backpackers believe that rain jacket is the only layer that protects you from mosquitoes.
Backpacking travel tips - Choose proper backpacking clothes

Backpacking travel tips – Choose proper backpacking clothes

Pick your perfect backpacking route

It is your passion that motivates you to start your own journey. Nevertheless, to have a perfect trip, you need to consider several factors:

  • Your health: you should be careful and well prepare enough medicines for your health problems. Then choose appropriate terrains for your backpacking travel such as mountains or jungle.
  • Weather and seasons: you absolutely do not want to travel to a place where there will be an upcoming storm. So that, you should regularly check the weather forecast and make sure that you are traveling in the right season.
  • Time and distance: with your first backpacking trip, 2 days in the weekend are enough for you to climb a mountain near your location and experience the feeling of freedom. When you have more experiences and skills, elevating your level to several weeks or months to wander in some farther countries.
  • Expenses: before going on a backpack travel, you have to make sure about your financial condition. You need to have a budget plan for your transportation, accommodation, food and so on. Then, bring enough cash and credit card for your trip.

Last but not least, your safety is the most important factor. However strong you are, however thorough you have prepared for your trip, you can bump into sudden problems like getting lost in your way, health or financial problems, etc. So that you have to keep calm and be flexible all the time to solve those problems. Just make things in order, plan your trip, follow backpacking travel tips, pack your backpack and so the adventure begins! We hope that all of you guys will have memorable backpacking trips ever.

Backpacking travel tips – Adventure of Dreamers
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