10 countries where beer is cheaper than water

Hi guys, this post is definitely going to win your day for those who are looking for a country where beer is cheaper than water and who live by the phrase, “If we’re all to die, let’s keep a beer close by”. It is obvious that from watching your favorite sport/movie on TV to hanging out with your pals or working your way through a busy week, beer always saves the day! So, let’s have a look on some interesting facts about beer!

The history of beer

According to Wikipedia, beer dates back to 10,000 BC – older than most religions. It says to have come from the ancient Iraq, Egypt and Mesopotamia. To be more precise, about 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt, workers who built the Great Pyramids of Giza were paid with beer as a part of their daily wages. Moreover, around 3000 BC, Celtic and Germanic tribes were responsible for spreading beer across Europe.

In addition, the earliest chemically confirmed barley beer to date was discovered at Godin Tepee in the central Zagros Mountains of Iran, where fragments of a jug were founded.

Where beer is cheaper than water

Now, “go” with us and let your passion for beer take over and mingle with your lust for travel. We will help you make a list of the top ten places where you really can love them!
In this article, we will figure out ten best places in the world where beer cheaper than water, so that why don’t you plan your next vacation accordingly?

Czech Republic

It’s true to say that where, the cheapest beer you can find at the best price is Prague, which is a wonderful city, visited by a huge amount of tourists from all over the world. In brief, the Czech Republic is really the best one in the field of beer drinking nation on the planet. Specially, Pilsner Urquell is the best-known beer in Czech. This kind of beer brewed in the Czech town of Plzen, this is the original Pills beer from which all golden beers the world over derived. If you’re looking for a pint of beer under US$1 or 2, you should avoid the touristy places and go for local pubs or joints. To put it differently, in Prague, beer is served almost all over in this country, even in breakfast cafés! It tastes terrific and it’s really cheap.


Famous for fresh beer, Bia Hoi – one kind of Viet Nam’s beer which pricing as low as US$0.15 (per glass). To put it differently, people who visit VietNam usually pay anywhere from US$ 0.75 to US$ 1.25 for a bottle of beer in there. It’s true to say that cheap beer is mostly available in the North of Vietnam than in South.

Bia Hoi Ha Noi - where beer is cheaper than water

Bia Hoi Ha Noi – where beer is cheaper than water


Beer in Thai Lan is not as cheap as its neighbor, but one just costs a dollar if you buy a small can and US$ 3 if you buy the similar one from a bar or a restaurant.


With a plenty of pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, bars which have many performances and live bands, Philippines is the ultimate place to be great for the beer lovers. In particular, beer prices in a regular pub or bar vary between US$1 to $3 during happy hour deals which even includes the famous San Miguel Beer that you can have while sitting at a beach and looking at the beautiful sight around you.


The local beer in Angkor is always available at the price of US$1, at the famous and expensive places but $US0.50 during the happy hours, which makes Cambodia become one of the favorites also because it is a great place to visit during a holiday or in general.


The cheapest city in Europe also provides for cheap booze with local beer which costs about US$1.50 almost all over the city. On the other hand, the local stores often offer beer in plastic bottles at almost a nil price. Therefore, if you want to have a taste of free beer, I think you know where to go yet!


Undoubtedly, we can’t forget our very own Goa, the place must visit when you just want to get waste and do nothing else! You can get huge bottles of beer at the price of US$2 and then you enjoy the view while visiting around the sun-kissed beaches.


This country is not really known as the cheapest place to have a drink but the beer prices in Mexico are low enough to get wasted with a local beer ranging from US$1 to even less. Furthermore, the country is known for Tequila and Cerveza which too are sold at equally cheap prices.

Mexico - where beer is cheaper than water

Mexico – where beer is cheaper than water

Bolivia and Ecuador

Due to not many tourists head to these countries and thus alcohol is certainly sold at cheap rates. A local beer just costs about US$2 or even less in a local restaurant or pub. For this reason, that alone makes these places worth a visit.


Because of having a strong rice lager. Mandalay is one of the cheapest beers available and tastes accordingly. Specially, one of the great things about beer in Myanmar is that many places have draft beer. To put it differently, there are umpteen “beer stations” around Yangon marked by a large green Myanmar Beer sign also dishing up a neat BBQ, which is great with beer.

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10 countries where beer is cheaper than water
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10 countries where beer is cheaper than water
5 (100%) 3 votes

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